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All the fucks i give.. :p lol

Just joking. Well, then..
Happy Birthday, :icondeviantartplz: and :iconscottish-geeky: LOL :p…

Everything is going to be okay...
1)Wish i could re-do my 15 years old birthday party in my 21st anniversary.
2)Wish i could be able to buy a better computer...
3)Wish i wasn't so bitchy;
4)Wish i wasn't so lazy either..;
5)Wish i could be more loyal to my gf (Well, i really need it..);
6)Wish i could be more patient;
7)Wish i could get to enjoy my life more..
8)And stop complaining about it;
9)And stop running away from my friends..
10)And be more honest with everyone, and my girlfriend;
11)And worth more the help and yells that my mom used to give me;
12)And make it all worth even for myself. And
13)Study harder and get the hell out of that school(the best way);
14)Wish i could have a job;
15)Which could help me out with stuff. In which people weren't so prejudiced, and they could actually help me on it;
16)Wish i could feel how much they really cared for me;
17)Wish i could realize it;
18)Wish i wasn't so hypocrite;
19)Wish i could listen to my own fucking advices;
20)Wish i wasn't so regretful at times..
21)Nor even tainted the others with all those bad feelings
22)Wish i could actually help them;
23)Wish i could leave a good trace, and that my existence in this world Did actually mattered, to someone(family, friends, lover), that i could actually make a difference;
24)Wish i could never be forgotten. I don't want to die alone, i don't want to live alone. I don't want these feelings to torment me anymore, nor even whoever is with me on it;
25)Wish i didn't need to reply to you, writing all these things.. And actually started doing it now;
26)Wish i wasn't so selfish..
27)Wish i could've fixed it as soon as possible;
28)Wish i could just lighten up myself and get back to track stronger than before, and make my way out of this mess, and clean myself up, so i can help the others later, and manage to stay in Peace, with my friends, my family, my girlfriend, my whole life, and everyone on it.
Tagged by :iconchibilover1000::

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Each person have to share 10 things about them.
3.) Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 question for the people you tag to answer.
4.) Choose 10 people to tag and put their name/icons on your journal

Things about me:
1.Name's Daniel
2.Just completed 20 years a bunch of days ago
3.Well.. I'm beautiful :p
4.I'm hot :p
5.Very hot :p :p
6.Very Fucking hot~ :p :p :p
8........... I'm beautiful :p
9.No. I'm FABULOUZ~ :iconimfabulousplz:
10.Well, fuck off. Lack of ideas õ3õ

:iconchibilover1000:'s qestions:

1.) whats your favourite icecream flavour?

2.) do you like to go camping?
Yes. But no.. Never did it :p

3.) peanut butter or Jam
:iconpeanutbutterjellyplz: Jelly :p

4.) Can pigs fly?
:iconsuperpigplz: YEZZ :p

5.) or am I just seeing things?
Yes, you are. You should go to a doctor. No, fuck the doctor. :p

6.) whats your hair colour?

7.) favourite Disney movie?
None ovv d abouvvvv fdasnfodnfodsvofidjvsojodva :p

8.) what your reaction if a magical flying platypus came and broke $50,000,000,000  worth of property damage?
Congratulations~ :iconclapplz: :p

9.) Why am I crazy?
Cuz reasons :p

10.) What's "hi" In a different language besides English?
Oi. :p

Tagged no one, cuz i'm lazy
  • Mood: Content
All the fucks i give.. :p lol

Just joking. Well, then..
Happy Birthday, :icondeviantartplz: and :iconscottish-geeky: LOL :p


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